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Ordering Form

Enclosed is a electronic format (PDF) of our Stencil Order Form. Please fax this form or your own version containing your stencil requirements.

These instructions may also be contained in your electronic data transfer (Via FTP). Our customer service department will review your data and fax you an order confirmation. First time customer please contact our customer service department for assistant.

Metal Parts: Please fax a copy of you drawing showing dimensions, tolerances, finish, quantities and delivery requirements. If a Gerber or AutoCAD file is available, please forward as well. A quote will be faxed to you quickly.

Artwork Services: Send data via modem, e-mail, ftp, or PDF form. Please include your name, phone number, fax number, billing/shipping instructions and any special requirements you have.

CAM Services: Special instructions and contact with our CAM managers is important to ensure we meet all your needs. Please contact our sales staff to forward you to the appropriate CAM manager.

Delivery: There is never a premium for quick-turn services. When required, we can deliver stencils same-day and laser plotting in under four hours.

We understand the needs of our customers and do whatever it takes to exceed all their expectations.

PDF Form
PDF Form